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ASCE Deep South Conference 2022

Louisiana Tech University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
June 3rd - 5th, 2022

The Competitions

Concrete Canoe Competition

The ASCE Deep South Conference Concrete Canoe Competition provides civil engineering students an opportunity to gain hands-on, practical experience and leadership skills by working with concrete mix designs and project management.

Surveying Competition

The ASCE Deep South Conference Surveying Competition consists of four separate tasks, each involving three team members to demonstrate the ability to apply the techniques of land surveying. 

Sustainable Solutions Competition

The goal of this competition is to provide a fun and creative activity with both an academic and community service component to provide an engaging pathway to success and recognition at the national level.

Regional Student Innovation Contest

This contest provides a platform for students to share their best innovations, while learning to evaluate the available market for it, and win money.

More information, such as rules, can be found at

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