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Cooper Morris


Cooper Morris is a senior Civil Engineering student at the University of Memphis, and he has been a member of ASCE for four years. Cooper is also an Engineering Ambassador for the Herff College of Engineering. In the upcoming year, Cooper would like to continue the growth of the organization and continue to build professional connections with local industry members. In his free time, he enjoys to play golf and go fishing.

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Vice President

Abdurahman Abdulhadi is a senior Civil Engineering student at the University of Memphis and is currently looking to concentrating in structural. He has refereed soccer and enjoys watching soccer. Abdurahman also works at the Center for Applied Earth Science and Engineering (CAESER). He loves doing adventurous things and trying new things.


Lauren Mitchell

Lauren Mitchell is currently a sophomore Civil Engineering at the University of Memphis. Lauren has been a member of ASCE for two years. Her current preferred civil engineering field is either transportation based civil engineering or environmental civil engineering. In her free time, Lauren is a  partner of a non-profit 3D printing company Tinker Tech. 


Nicole Arellano


Nicole Arellano is a sophomore at the University of Memphis, pursuing a Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering (BSCE) Degree. She works as a STEM Ambassador for the West Tennessee STEM Hub, providing tutoring, coaching, and other support for teachers and companies that wish to engage K-12 students in STEM activities. She has been an ASCE member for one year; this year will be her second year as a member. She intends to continue her membership throughout her college career as she decides what field of Civil Engineering she would like to focus on.